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Why Recycled Golf Balls?

3 Reasons to use recycled golf balls: You won’t notice the difference. According to a study by GolfBallTest.org, there is virtually no difference between balls that have been recycled and brand new ones. This includes balls that have been submerged in water. Cost. You will save cash switching to Golf Ball Country's recycled balls – sometimes half price or more over new balls of the same brand or type. The environment. Golfers lose an estimated 300 million golf balls annually in the U.S. alone. And those lost balls weigh heavy on the planet (not just by being litter or hazards to animals, but also by possibly leaching zinc into our water systems). Using recycled golf balls will help curb the amount of balls left out in our environment.

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How it Works

Our golf balls are recycled from the very best courses nationwide, washed with an environmentally friendly cleaner, then carefully inspected and sorted to provide a top quality product at more than half the price of new.

Lost Golf Balls

Golf balls are shipped to our processing center in Spencer, Iowa after being retrieved from golf courses and ranges across the country. Over 300 million golf balls are lost annually.

Lost Golf Balls

Quality Restored

The golf balls are washed in a special acid bath. This does not alter the ball, but removes any dirt and debris. Then they dry. The golf balls are then inspected, by hand, and sorted from mint condition down to shag balls.

Quality Restored

Sold at Low Prices

The balls are then sorted into make and model and are ready for packaging and shipping upon order being received. Golf Ball Country is able to provide these balls at a fraction of the price of new.

Sold at Low Prices

Grading Scale

After finding and restoring the golf balls, we inspect and grade each ball.

AAAAA/1st Quality

These look like they have hardly been played. These balls are the best we have to offer. Slight pen or ink mark are possible. Will NOT include scuffs, blemishes, practice or x-out balls. May contain Corporate or Team Logos.

AAAA/2nd Quality

These look like they have only been hit a few times. These balls all have some minor imperfection that keeps them from being Mint. Slight pen or ink mark are possible. There will be minor scuffs, or slight blemishes. Will NOT include Practice or x-out balls. May contain Corporate or Team Logos.

AAA/3rd Quality

These did not make it in our Near Mint Category. GREAT VALUE - BARGAIN BALLS Possibly played 9-18 holes. These do not look new, but can still be used for play. These will have player marks, scuffs, slight discoloration or blemishes. Will NOT include Practice or x-out balls. May contain Corporate or Team Logos.

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