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Pinnacle Assorted Mix Pinnacle Assorted Mix

The Pinnacle Mix Model golf balls is a great value on a quality brand. This mixture will contain many different Pinnacle model golf balls. There will be no colored golf balls in the mixture. PLEASE NOTE: This mix will not contain a set percentage of each model.

Bag of 24: $11.95
Pinnacle Soft Pinnacle Soft

Bag of 24: $12.95
Pinnacle Rush Pinnacle Rush

Bag of 24: $12.95
Pinnacle Exception Pinnacle Exception

Bag of 24: $12.95
Pinnacle Yellow Mix Pinnacle Yellow Mix

The Pinnacle Yellow Mix golf balls feature a high-velocity, softer-compression core that provides long distance with a consistent flight for better carry. The softer core, along with a soft ionomer cover blend, produces a very soft feel, particularly on finesse shots around the green.

Bag of 24: $12.95
Pinnacle Bling Mix Pinnacle Bling Mix

Bag of 24: $12.95
Pinnacle Rush Yellow Pinnacle Rush Yellow

Bag of 24: $12.95
Pinnacle Gold Lady Mix Pinnacle Gold Lady Mix

Bag of 24: $12.95

Pinnacle Golf Balls For Sale

What goes into a good day on the fairway? It’s all about pushing yourself to the limit with gear that delivers consistent performance. Our assortment of Pinnacle golf balls allows you to practice your swing without the huge cost associated with buying brand new balls for every trip. Grow as a golfer and keep some cash in your pocket with these recycled Pinnacle golf balls.

Whether you’re trying to sink a notoriously difficult long putt or strategize how you’ll conquer a split fairway, these balls make it easy to explore your options. We’ve picked Pinnacle technology in diverse flavors so you can experiment and explore new ways to play. Check out the Soft, Rush and other core options to rediscover the joys of the green at a low price you can’t find anywhere else.